Specialist Education Recruitment

Temporary & Permanent Recruitment

The education sector is extremely demanding, which means you often operate with limited time and resources. Care Field are accredited national framework suppliers, who can support the cost effective recruitment of primary, secondary and SEN school staff. We work diligently to fully understand your institutions requirements, and provide quality teaching staff to any vacancies that we fill on your behalf.

Our Ethos

At Care Field we work collaboratively to ensure that your school remains fully staffed with quality candidates throughout the year. We firmly believe in the matching of candidates to each institutions unique requirements, and we are dedicated to the provision of teachers, support and ancillary staff that you require on a daily, long-term or permanent basis.


Care Field Education maintains safeguarding as our highest priority. We believe in the implementation of high standards of checks, external audits, accreditation, and the regular reassessment of our internal safeguarding procedures.

Approved Frameworks